Exploring the Best Hair Colors for Women and Style

Hair Colors for Women
Hair Colors for Women

Ever been in a do or dye situation? Long gone are the days when you color only to hide your greys. From Blonde to Balayage, hair color has developed and radically grown over the years. Be it a global color, highlights, undertones, rainbow shades, or even streaks. Coloring your hair changes your appearance drastically, sometimes for the good, other times, not for it. If you are coloring for the first time, go subtle. Always listen to the professionals. Trust us, they do know the best hair colors for women and men alike. 

Now you might have seen that pretty ombre on Instagram. Or maybe Violet undertone your favorite K-Pop artist featured. However, throwing yourself a peachy pink or a midnight blue shade for the first time you color might be confusing. Your color will take up or bring down your age. That combined with the hairstyle you are going with completely makes or breaks your appearance. Maybe, you might want to let go of your Purple dream. It might look good on your idol, but it might not be on you.


How to Identify Your Color?

You might have a plethora of ideas for dyeing your hair. The first-time excitement of dyeing your virgin hair is intense. And this might lead to some bad choices. Over the years, women’s hair dye ideas have changed for the better! Your skin tone decides the best color that will suit you. A yellow undertone or a pink one decides what to color your tresses to make you look youthful.

Take your hand under a bright artificial light and check the color of the visible veins in your hand.

  • If the veins look green, you have a dusky skin tone
  • Veins appearing bluish or purple, you have a cool skin tone
  • If the veins look green or green-blue, you have a neutral skin tone

So now that you know your skin tone, time to nosedive into colors that will look amazing on you!

For the Porcelain Skin or Fair Skin Tone

  1. Browns and Mocha

If you are a brunette, it might take some effort for the color to settle in your tresses. Melanin content is high for naturally black hair and it needs to be bleached prior to coloring. Additionally, for the novice, highlights with these warm tones are an excellent way of starting your hair care journey. Furthermore, this sets the motion for a smooth journey. Not to mention, they look exceptional.

  1. Auburn

    For people with pink undertones and a fiery temperament, auburn is an excellent choice. Though you just might pass as a redhead. Moreover, Auburn is a warm and deep color that defines your face. Firstly, it contrasts the paleness and secondly, it lessens the appearance of redness.
  2. Ombre

    Ombre, especially Golden Ombre, is a very common hair coloring technique. If you do not want to damage your roots but still want that defined look, this might be the one for you. In addition to a dramatic transition, they also ensure minimal hair root damage. 

For the Wheatish Skin Tone

  1. Honey and Caramel Blonde

    Confused about colors? Go for warm shades. These colors always work for dusky and wheatish skin tones. Giving you a sunbaked look, a warm caramel blonde ensures a defined face. Additionally, these are subtle and yet very significant. After all, who wouldn’t want to have the shade of freshly brewed coffee, right?
  2. Chocolate Browns

    Chocolate brown is a universal color and you can rarely go wrong with this one. Therefore, this is one of the go-to shades when it comes to coloring. It takes ages off your face and gives you a sunkissed finish. A trending hair shade, chocolate brown is a reigning one. And this is another one of women’s hair colors that are likely to stay.
  3. Burgundy and Mahogany Brown

    These are some of the best hair colors for a cool skin tone. You might want to go for a red shade but lack the courage. Burgundy, Mahogany, and even Wine Red are deep shades of red you can try. Though Burgundy leans a little toward the Brown family, it is a chic color. Moreover, it will give you an idea if you even want to color your hair red. 

For the Dusky Skin Tone

  1. Chestnut Browns

    So you like reds, but the heart also wants brown? This is a beautiful blend of both. Giving a vacation look, Chestnut brown colors are almost a staple go-to. Your tresses will look warm and structured. Moreover, it is very subtle. So for those who are looking for a natural look, this is a great option.
  2. Peach and Pink

    Okay, hear us out. We know that it takes a braveheart to color their hair pink, peach, and purple. But, for all those of you still wanting to live your Barbie dreams, this might be your color. It is a fashion statement and all you need is the attitude to pull it off. Ready to turn heads in your blooming pink shade?
  1. Midnight Blue

    This is not for the faint-hearted. But you also don’t need a medieval suit of armor to wear this color. Blue might look intimidating, but midnight blue is one of the deepest and warmest shades you can get. This sultry color looks good on a range of skin tones. Giving an exotic look, this shade looks best if done on naturally black hair. If you are feeling adventurous, go for a Purple highlight with the blue.


So all it comes down to what suits your skin tone best. There are a lot of natural hair colors for women like Henna etc. For dusky tones, brown and blond are go-to options. Of course, this is not rigid. You can pull off any shade you like. Moreover, you might look amazing in a shade of Peachy Pink. A vast population of Indians prefers brown, red, or burgundy. 

Though coloring your hair entirely is a good idea, try experimenting. Highlights and lowlights, streaks, etc bring a lot of definition to hair. Try going for a lighter shade or a darker shade than your natural hair color, and make sure it compliments your skin. In addition to that making you look young, it will also structure your face beautifully. Coloring damages hair to some extent, so if you are thinking of styling, use protectants. Firstly, heat protectants help prevent burning your hair. And secondly, your color will last much longer.

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