What to Look for When Buying a Hair Straightener


Buying hair straighteners can be quite confusing since there are tons of types to choose from. There are flat irons, curling irons, styling irons, heated rollers, ceramic heat tools, etc., and some offer multiple functions. 

With all the choices involved, how do you know which type of iron you should purchase? What to look for when buying a straightener? Below are a few facts to consider when purchasing hair straighteners:


1) Heat Control

A professional hair stylist will tell you that having control over the temperature of your hair is crucial when applying heat to the strands. Because hot temperatures can dry out your hair and cause split ends, having control over the amount of heat generated is necessary. 

In addition, there are certain types of hair straighteners that can work wonders on frizzy and wavy locks. Hot air and steam can be added to give your hair volume and bounce when you blow-dry, curl, and/or straighten your tresses.

2) Size Matters

How large does your hair straightener need to be? Most hair straighteners are small devices that sit on the countertop next to the sink. For larger areas, look into models that allow you to carry around the iron in a mini case. While this option might seem expensive, the convenience can outweigh the price. You won’t have to worry about losing or breaking the hair straightener, and traveling with it will make sure your style is always ready for travel or even casual days at home!

3) Durability

Is the hair straightener going to last me years of use? Are there any design features to ensure its long life span? After making several purchases, we learned that you shouldn’t get a cheap model because they don’t last as long as high-quality ones. 

Instead, the best hair straighteners feature materials such as stainless steel and silicone, which are more durable and less likely to break down than cheaper materials like plastic. Of course, if you buy an inexpensive model, you’ll have to spend money on fixing it if it breaks.

4) Power Source

Does the best hair straightener require batteries? If so, what kind? Another great tip is to avoid buying a hair straightener that requires batteries. 

Batteries degrade quickly, and replacing them could mean extra expense for both you and the manufacturer. It is true that many hair straighteners run off of rechargeable batteries (e.g. Apple Air Curl), but these cords tend to break easily and become lost. The best straighteners charge via plugging directly into AC outlets or USB ports.

5) Price

Some people don’t care if their best hair straightener for asian hair costs hundreds of dollars, while others balk at spending $50-$100 on one. That being said, the difference between spending $150 vs. $300 isn’t much – you just want a good product that works well. To find the model that fits your budget, check online reviews. 

You may also ask friends who own similar products for recommendations. Then decide whether you want something new or old. New products usually cost more, but they may come with more reliable warranties.

6) Ease of Use

Hair straighteners that require special tools for operation are not convenient. A handheld hair straightener means all you need is your fingers to manipulate the device. Plus, using a cordless hair straightener doesn’t have to limit where you can use it. The only disadvantage to a handheld unit is that it cannot reach every part of the head. A corded hair straightener, on the other hand, is designed to go from ear to ear without a problem.

7) Warranty

The warranty is another major factor when choosing a hair straightener. Some companies offer free repairs or replacements for certain lengths of time, while others offer a lifetime guarantee. 

This is particularly important if the hair straightener for beginners has been purchased second hand. It’s always better to purchase used items from someone who owns multiple hair straighteners. You’ll know they’re trustworthy, and they’ll be able to provide advice on how to maintain the quality of the item over time.

8) Travel-Ready

Traveling with a hair straightener is easy if it comes with a magnetic base. But if you plan on carrying it around frequently, consider a flat stand that allows you to place the iron wherever you want, even on a windy day! Also look for models that fold up for compact storage.

9) Plates

You should choose many types of hair straightener plates style that fits your needs. For example, ceramic plates work best on fine hair, whereas tourmaline plates heat up faster, and titanium plates are the most resistant to damage.

10) Features

Consider the number of temperature settings, how they operate, and how easy they are to adjust.

11) Maintenance Tips

If you’re worried about damaging your hair straightener by washing it too often, try doing it yourself once a week instead of having a professional wash it for you. Or try following the instructions for your particular type of hair straightener to keep it functioning properly. And make sure to follow any warnings provided by the manufacturer.

12) Design

Look out for curved designs because these types of straighteners are easier to control than ones with flat sides. Flat sides are also preferred; this design makes it easier to get close to the scalp.

13) Shipping Options

Choose a shipping option carefully, especially if you live far away from a store selling the product. Most companies will ship straight to your door, but some charge extra for express delivery.

14) User Experience

It’s essential to determine which features you prefer the most. Do you prefer a smooth, silky finish? Is it important for you to minimize frizz? Are you looking for a device that’s durable or affordable? Think about these questions before making a decision.

15) Material

There are different materials available on the market today: Ceramic hair straightener, porcelain enamel, plastic, metal, etc. Each material offers its own pros and cons. Take into consideration the weight and thickness of each one as well. If you’re going to travel regularly, you may want to opt for more lightweight options. However, if you spend several hours at home daily, you may wish to invest in something heavier.

16) Length of Use

Do you plan on using your hair straightener regularly for 2 years? 3 years? 5 years? These factors greatly affect the price tag. Look for a long-lasting model if you can afford it.

Final Words:

These are the things to know before buying a hair straightener. Hair straighteners aren’t just for styling purposes. They can help prevent hair loss, promote healthy hair growth, and improve overall health. Because of their many benefits, we recommend them highly.The fact that they last so long means there’s no need to worry about replacing them every few months. Plus, they save us money since we don’t have to buy new products every season. Buy hair straightener online today!

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