4 Home Maintenance Tips for New Home Owners


A home is an investment of a lifetime. If you have just fulfilled your dream of buying a new home, be happy and appreciate your achievement. As it protects you from harsh circumstances, you must also upkeep it with regular maintenance to maintain its longevity.

Everything may seem perfect when you move into a new home. However, you must not rely on observations. Instead, turn to the practical side and test everything out. Most homeowners like to do repairs by themselves. However, some may need professional help. 


Without further ado, let’s dig into a few maintenance tips for new homeowners.

  1. Recheck the Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a cost-effective endeavor that can save your home and its residents from unfortunate incidents. Their batteries need to be changed at least once a year to work effectively. If you are unsure when the previous batteries were installed, there is nothing to worry about.

Installing new batteries in your smoke detectors can help track when your batteries need a change if the smoke detectors are not present in every bedroom, head to the nearest home improvement store and get a sufficient number of devices.

  1. Drain the Water Heater

When it gets chilly, hot water becomes essential for survival. Imagine a long and tiring day of dragging your couches around, setting up your furniture, and finding out that there is no hot water for a relaxing shower. It must not be delightful.

If the water heater of your new home was in use, there is a chance that sediment may have formed at its bottom. If this sediment keeps piling up over time, your water heater may not work effectively. 

If you face issues with water heating, do not hesitate to call local plumbers to help you figure out the problem and give you a quick solution.

Once plumbers restore your water heating, you can prevent sediment on your own in the future.

  1. Examine Ducted Heating

Furnace and heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure the best performance. Regular maintenance increases the life of your heating system and reduces significant expenses. If your ducted heating is not maintained well, winters may be brutal.

You must consider gas plumbing to ensure you do not face any problems during the season. A professional in the field can inspect your ducted heating system and provide you with practical solutions to ensure its longevity and safety. 

  1. Inspect Your Roof and Gutters

Your roof directly faces all weather conditions to keep you safe. Exposure to heat, rain, and snow can put its health at risk. Therefore, it needs regular maintenance. You can start by conducting a visual examination. If growths are on your roof, you can regularly rinse them with bleach and water to clear them.

Also, do not forget to clean your gutters regularly, especially after rain or storm. If the gutters get clogged, the stagnant water on your roof can cause leaks and let moisture seep through your walls, causing water damage.



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