Top 5 Must Have Features Of An Online Webinar Platform


Hosting webinars is the ideal way to reach a larger audience while yet having something for everyone. Today’s webinar platforms have some of the most adaptable, flexible capabilities that may be used to meet almost any purpose.

 Knowing what you can do is essential to have a significant influence, even though each platform has its own special applications. We’ve included some information that presenters should be aware of regarding the current webinar features in order to make their webinars successful.


Webinars – Why They Are So Important?

Using a Webinar Platform, a webinar is an online presentation or workshop that enables one or more speakers to exchange media content with a global audience. A webinar is a way to share information, thoughts, and news. Webinars are the combination of two words, i.e. Web and Seminar.

In addition to becoming relatively economical, webinars can also be quite cost-effective. The webinar sessions are recordable, which can ultimately increase the life of the content. The content that has been repurposed can be used in the form of articles, blogs, newspapers, etc. Webinars are also a great tool for thought leaders to share valuable information on current topics and subjects. In addition to this, these sessions are also a good option for revenue generation.

Listing Some Popular Features Of A Webinar Platform

Here is a list of some of the striking features of an Online Webinar Platform – 

Taking Out Live Polls 

Live polls can help you increase participant engagement, which is one of your webinar’s most crucial components. As a result, polls are a common core webinar feature on several platforms, and for good reason. Polls have several advantages. These include participant comments, measuring audience reaction, or input/suggestions on certain subjects presented in the session. Polls can help create content for upcoming webinars if they are done properly. In addition to live results from in-webinar polling, also automatically sends questions to your email. This facilitates tracking.

Content Recording and Repurposing 

Hosting webinars have the additional benefit of enabling your audience to view them whenever it’s convenient for them. Additionally, having the option to record makes it possible for viewers to view your webinars for longer. Additionally, edited content is a benefit of recorded content. As an illustration, editing your recorded webinar enables you to produce digital content that you can utilize in the future. Additionally, you can use these recordings to grow your subscriber base through your official website and social media accounts. A single drag-and-drop operation on Webinar.

Screen Sharing Feature

Screen sharing is a basic but important feature. This function allows you to maintain a direct virtual relationship with your audience and keeps you in touch. Additionally, you may create synchronized PowerPoint presentations with slides and animations, which your audience can manage. Screen sharing is particularly helpful for demonstrations since it gives any topic authenticity.  It ensures that everyone in the audience is understanding your message in real-time.

Using Social Media Platforms 

Social media is a crucial component of networking, much as webinar software has become a vital tool for communication. For staying in touch with your audience, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are essential. You may add a tracking pixel to Facebook that directly connects ads to your webinar on a lot of webinar sites. This facilitates access and assists in ensuring that the proper audience sees your content. Utilizing social media improves your marketing potential and visibility. Analytics also enables you to assess the efficacy of your program. It’s simple to sign up for webinars.

Customization Options 

The most enjoyable is certainly this. Creating your own webinars for small businesses reveals much more about you than just distributing stuff to your audience. Customized webinars let you establish a stronger connection with your audience and represent your professional image. The better your webinar is, the more you may modify it. Adding logos or branding to your slides, changing the theme, personalizing invitations and follow-up emails, and creating a landing page are all examples of customizable options in webinar software.

Importance Of Webinar For Marketing Strategy

Webinar sessions are the best way to expand the audience count to the global level. In addition to this – 

  • You can make an invitation that you can send to specific individuals using webinar software. To reach a larger audience, you might utilize email marketing or email updates as a marketing approach. More importantly, having a focused email list makes it easier for you to draw in your ideal clients.
  • An average webinar lasts between 30 and 50 minutes. The event may not be attended on its whole by everyone, nevertheless. It is crucial to reuse a webinar in order to make it more understandable and accessible to a larger audience. Your webinar can be converted into a marketing piece, such as a blog post, an article, or even an infographic.
  • The purpose of a webinar is to keep your target audience interested throughout the presentation. As a webinar host, it is crucial to think about certain methods that will better engage your audience. Interactive elements like a chatbox, emoticons, live polls, a social lounge, and Q&A sessions can pique the interest of the audience.
  • The best tools for affiliate marketers are webinars since they help everyone thrive and grow their communities. Affiliates are looking for a plan that turns visitors into buyers and provides value to the clients—exactly what a webinar tries to do. Everyone benefits and more people register and subscribe as a result.

Wrapping Up 

You and your brand can benefit greatly by including webinars in your marketing strategy. With webinars, you may establish connections with your audience, increase your credibility, and engage them. Additionally, it highlights both your target market and potential buyers.

A wide range of professions and sectors can use webinars successfully. Overall, they are practical for organizers, speakers, and attendees. Because of this, webinars have developed into one of the most crucial sales tools for both individuals and companies.



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