Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Ways for Management

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At one level or another, at one point in time, we all have experienced anxiety ahead of some important event; it can either be a test or an interview before which you can feel a little nervousness or anxiety. But is it the same as anxiety disorder? Well, the feeling is the same, but the intensity is somewhat different. When you have anxiety (that comes in bouts) before some important event, it helps us all in refining your concentration, and attention. In a way, it is advantageous but only when it happens before something important. But when you start feeling anxiety continuously even if there is no danger approaching or other stimuli, the chances are that you have an anxiety disorder. And this is something serious that required your immediate attention. You must not delay in knowing what the symptoms look like, what are the causes, and what can be the ways to treat it along with the most suitable anti-anxiety tablets.

An anxiety disorder may look simple and uncomplicated but it can lead to serious and perilous repercussions. In fact, in some instances, an anxiety disorder can turn into depression too. So, before this happens, make sure you get the right treatment. However, it is essential to know the causes of anxiety disorder even before knowing the treatment ways. So, here it goes.


What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders, a plural term, encapsulates all the different types of anxiety problems that a person may experience. It is a generic term that describes more or less the same problems that a person suffering from any type of anxiety may experience. Anxiety disorders are mental disorders where you may feel excessive worrying, constant dread, and persistent feelings that things may go wrong. And this feeling tends to stay until you treat it with your lifestyle change or by using a medication such as Xanax for anxiety or any other pill for that matter.

Although there are numerous anxiety disorders, the top ones include:

  • Mediation-induced anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Specific phobias
  • Agoraphobia
  • Separation anxiety

The list is long but incomplete. We cannot list all types of anxiety disorders there are but we can mention the top ones that a good number of people experience all across the world.

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders?

Yes, you might be wondering how you will know the different types of symptoms for different anxiety disorders. Well, you must be aware of the common symptoms that any person (irrespective of the type of anxiety disorder he/she has) with anxiety may experience. So, here is the list of those common symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness/Palpitation
  • Lack of concentration
  • Racing thoughts
  • Unwanted thoughts
  • Hypervigilance or irritability
  • Constant and excessive worrying
  • Fear
  • Insomnia or other sleeping disorders

What are the causes of anxiety disorder?

 Anxiety disorders can be the result of your medications, environment, or your genes! You may experience anxiety disorder because of:

  • Family history of mental disorders
  • Stress from your work
  • Medications you may be taking
  • Recent traumatic event
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Hormonal changes

No matter what the cause may be, you can manage the symptoms with some best treatment/management methods.

What are the ways to manage anxiety?

The best way to learn about anxiety disorder management is to first know what triggers it. Most of the time, anxiety disorder is the result of not getting proper rest. After that follow these tips regularly to see the impact:

  • Sit back and unwind

The first step against anxiety is to take time out. Do not keep running the same race; take some time out from your busy life and relax.

  • Curb fast food

Fast food makes your body unfit and an unfit body leads to an unhealthy mind. Therefore, avoid fast food as much as you can.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is not fit for your health generally. But if you have anxiety, you may not be able to get back on track with alcohol. Also, if you are using medicines (say zopiclone for anxiety), alcohol use is dangerous.

Limit your caffeine intake

    Caffeine needs to be curbed if you wish to have proper sleep, diet, and mental and physical health. Caffeine also tends to increase your anxiety symptoms so say no to it.

    • Make a healthy sleep schedule

    Sleep hygiene is the best way to give your mind some rest. Do not hesitate to switch off your phone after certain hours and get a good night’s sleep. This will surely help with anxiety disorder.

    • Work Out Daily

    Being a couch potato does no good at all. Therefore, you need to indulge in more physical activities and stay fit.

    • Talk to a reliable person

    Your anxiety can even be a cause of mental burden so you need to vent it out. Talk to your friends or family members to feel calm.

    These are the top methods. However, some people who have severe anxiety or may experience anxiety attacks need short-term & fast treatment methods such as therapies. It can either be cognitive therapy or medicinal therapy. You can get therapies in person from professionals, on the other hand, you can get anti-anxiety tablets online from pharmacies like Bestpharmapills.


    Anxiety disorder is scary but if you choose the right treatment methods, you will be more than successful in combating this problem. You can use all the tips from this article and start your journey toward anxiety management.



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