Which EMR is best for your practice: NextGen Vs. Kareo? 


Using Nextgen EHR, a web-based EHR system, physicians can access various features and tools. One of the US’s top vendors of electronic health records, NextGen Healthcare, created Nextgen EHR. The NextGen EHR complies with Meaningful Use Stage III and is ONC-certified.  

Dedicated account care, user-friendly charting tools, automated registry reporting, scalable clinical processes, and other features are all included in NextGen EMR. The vendor, committed to providing high-quality treatment, makes it easier to coordinate care, get correct information, and make better diagnoses. In addition, users can access it on a tablet or laptop, and it complies with HIPAA regulations (Windows or Apple).  

Kareo EMR, the cloud-based electronic health record software, helps doctors manage their practices. Some features it provides include scheduling patients, billing, and clinical documentation. Kareo helps healthcare providers by making communicating with their patients easier and keeping track of financial, medical, and administrative data. Their analytics solution is made to assist doctors in producing performance reports of their job and comprehending data utilizing various charts and metrics. Users can create rules in the software to monitor productivity and personalize their dashboards. 

Additionally, the user of their platform can schedule appointments. The vendor’s Live Compliance program handles all requirements to become and remain HIPAA compliant. Details on Kareo prices are available on their website.  

Let’s compare the features of NextGen with Kareo. 

Nextgen EHR Key Features  

  • Digital Prescription: With this tool, doctors can electronically prescribe medications to their patients. Doctors can use this function to get formulary data and check for drug interactions.  
  • Support for Clinical Decisions: At the time of care, this function gives clinicians evidence-based clinical recommendations. The decision-making process for the care of patients is improved as a result.  
  • Healthcare Portal: Patients can use this function to make appointments, check their medical records, and contact their doctors online.  
  • Digital Health Record: This function enables doctors to electronically manage the EHRs of their patients. This function allows doctors to share patient information with other healthcare professionals.  
  • NextPen: Doctors can take notes electronically and send them to other healthcare professionals using this function. This facilitates and helps to improve provider-to-provider communication.  

Kareo EHR Key Features  

  •  Electronic Prescription: This device enables doctors to prescribe drugs electronically to their patients. This technology allows doctors to obtain formulary data and check for drug interactions.  
  •  Delivery of Care: Doctors can electronically manage patient care with this function. Physicians can use this tool to exchange patient data with other healthcare professionals.  
  •  Engagement of Patients: With this function, patients may access their medical records, make appointments, and contact their doctors online. It also has a patient portal where people may access information about their health.  
  •  Telehealth: By employing video conferencing, this capability enables doctors to treat patients remotely. Patients can access their health information while on the go with Kareo’s mobile app.  
  • Analytics: Physicians can use this tool to monitor their performance and compare it to other Kareo users. This tool can help doctors find areas where their practice needs to improve.  
  • Accounting and Coding: Physicians can electronically manage their billing and coding thanks to this capability. It also has a tool for doctors to use when filing insurance claims. In addition, Kareo offers its users free coding assistance.  

Who is more costly?  NextGen Or is Kareo?  

Price-wise, NextGen Enterprise EHR starts at $299 per provider/month, significantly less than the typical cost of medical software. Nextgen EHR provides a subscription-based pricing structure. The software’s price determines how many users it will serve and what features you need. Nextgen EHR provides three alternative subscription options. Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise plans have monthly fees of $499, $799, and $999, respectively, for unlimited users.  

Compared to their rivals, Kareo EMR price is significantly lower than the typical cost of medical software. Four distinct subscription packages are offered. Each user on the Start plan is charged $199 per month, each user on the Professional subscription plan is authorized $399 per month, and each user on the Enterprise plan is set at $899 per month. It starts at $150 per provider/month + 4% to 9% (collections). In conclusion, the cost of NextGen Enterprise EHR is comparable to that of Kareo.  

Which offers better customer support and training- NextGen or Kareo?

Users of Nextgen EHR can take advantage of extensive training and support. The business offers in-person training events, live webinars, and online training resources. A group of customer service representatives is also on hand at Nextgen EHR to respond to users’ queries.  

 To assist you in learning how to use the software, Kareo provides free webinars and online training videos. Additionally, they offer a committed customer service team that can respond to inquiries. Overall, doctors looking for an economical and user-friendly EHR should choose Kareo.  

Let’s check users’ reviews- Let’s compare the features of NextGen Vs. Kareo. 

  • Pros and Cons of NextGen Healthcare   


  • simple to use and navigate  
  • responsive customer support is available  
  • provides outstanding practice management options  
  • Simple-to-use reports  


  • occasionally delays and makes mistakes  
  • has no spell-check functionality  

Kareo’s benefits and drawbacks  


  • provides tools for reporting and analysis  
  • allows users to connect in real-time with insurance companies and track each patient’s health records  
  • Easy to use and welcoming platform  


  • lessens support for organic products  
  • They may charge too much for small medical practices.  

Final Thought  

 Your unique demands and requirements will determine what applies. You can try out the software for free using Nextgen and Kareo to discover which is more suitable for you and your practice. You must sign up for one of their paying plans to continue using the software after the free trial. It all comes down to your wants and expectations as a doctor when deciding between Nextgen EHR and Kareo ERH. A better option will be Nextgen EHR if you require software with additional functionality. Kareo EHR will be better if you search for more reasonably priced software. You can free test both software programs to discover which best suits your needs. 


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