BioZyme-Enzyme Peel-Chemical Peel Results Without The


BIOZYME ENZYME PEEL PROVIDES AN EFFECTIVE AND SAFE WAY FOR YOU TO REGULARLY EXFOLIATE WITHOUT USING HARSH CHEMICALS OR ABRASIVES. It Will Diminish Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Scars, Pore Size, Acne Marks, Liver Spots, Dark Spots And More. PLUS, infuses a wealth of food extracted nutrients including high levels of natural Retinol.
THE EXFOLIATING MAGIC OF THIS ENZYME PEEL IS THE HIGH CONCENTRATION OF ACTIVE ENZYMES AND NATURAL FRUIT ACIDS-we extract from fresh vegan foods and raw apple cider vinegar. Most peels contain chemicals like Glycolic and Lactic Acid-which exfoliate by CHEMICALLY BURNING THE SKIN. They are strong irritants and can increase sun sensitivity, making spots and hyper-pigmentation more likely to occur. Which are conditions some people are trying to improve when using a skin peel.
ENZYMES WORK DIFFERENTLY. THEY EXFOLIATE BY LOOSENING THE PROTEIN BONDS HOLDING THE OUTER SKIN CELLS TOGETHER, MAKING IT EASIER FOR THEM TO BE REMOVED. THEY ARE GENTLER SO THE LIKELIHOOD OF SKIN IRRITATION AND SUN SENSITIVITY IS REDUCED. We make ours using a trade-secret process that breaks down the fruits and vegetables into small particles-concentrating the enzymes, so the final product is very potent.