Eurow Makeup Removal Cleaning Cloth, 5 by 5 Inches,


⭐REMOVE MAKEUP IN SECONDS – Hassle free makeup removing facial cleansing cloths. Removes all makeup quickly and efficiently without damaging skin. NO MAKEUP REMOVER NEEDED. Concealer, foundation, primer, powder, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, liner – you name it! You’ll be amazed at how well these work. Did we mention you’ll SAVE MONEY by avoiding disposable wipes?
⭐SUPER SOFT MICROFIBER BLEND – High quality microfiber material is soft and gentle. Traditional makeup removing cloths are made solely with polyester. Our polyamide/polyester blend feels great on skin and is SO MUCH BETTER AT CLEANING than other cloths. Lift away makeup, dirt, and oils in seconds with no worries about irritation or breakouts. Give them a try to see why so many people around the world are making the switch from disposable wipes.
⭐ECO FRIENDLY – Traditional disposable wipes damage the environment that we live in and cherish. Our makeup removing cloths can be washed and reused hundreds of times so you’re not creating waste with wipes. Simply throw them in the wash and they’ll come out like new and even softer every time. It’s the magic of microfiber.