Moisturizing Socks,Soft Moisturizing Gel Socks,5 Toe


THE BEST AND LATEST Moisturizing Socks – Made of Super Soft Cotton and Spandex, Durable, High Quality Grade A Gel. Gel is Enriched with Vitamin E and Essential Oils to Soothe and Moisturize Your feet Skin.
PROVIDES INSTANT RELIEF and PROTECT- Comfortably give the whole of your foot the moisturizing they deserve, your top quality Spa socks are designed to Moisturizing Hydrates and Softens feet, Dry, Rough feet, Calluses toes, and Cuticles,toe rubbing,calluses.
All DAY COMFORT & REUSABLE– While you go through your day. This Gel Socks are self-sticky.Wearing them, they don’t slip, which moisturizing your feet.Provide perfect balance between beneficial and moisturizing toe mobility. Perform everyday tasks like yoga,walking, sleeping and more without interference.