Natural 100% Jade Stones Anti-Aging Facial Sleeping


❤JADE FUNCTION: Restorative Anti-Aging Support! It is ideal for Puffy Eyes, reduces inflammation and assists Lymphatic drainage. Perfect for after sun care, dark eyes and encourages circulation for natural healing and recovery.
❤ HOT OR COLD THERAPY: Want to have a better experience, you can keep it in the refrigerator before using. Studies have shown that COLD THERAPY is effective in MIGRAINING RELIEF, HELPS ALLEVIATE PAIN and HEADACHES; The jade stone is naturally cool to the touch.
❤MAGICAL HEALING STONE: The Jade Face Roller Tool is made of 100% real jade aventurine-A symbol of hope and vitality, that can make people keep a joyful mood and vigor. Jade contains a variety of trace elements that you definitely need.