Organic Lip Balm Pack – Original Lip Balm for


HYDRATING BALMS: Nothing’s sweeter than a smile unless it’s a smile from lips that are smooth, healthy, and soft. Our Honey and Vanilla Lip Balm four pack is the best way to give your kiss a burst of moisturizing sweetness. Beeswax based with coconut oil moisturizer and full of delicious natural flavors, these lip butters can be used as a part of your personal beauty care routine day or night, whenever your lips need a little bit of protection.
100% USDA ORGANIC, NON-TOXIC: We never use anything toxic or even potentially harmful in any of our products, but our beeswax lip sticks take it a step further: they’re 100% organic. That means that not only are they gluten free, non-GMO, and made without soy, corn, or petroleum, they’re also just as good for the environment as they are for your health.
INTENSE THERAPY TREATMENT: Whether you’re facing bitter winter winds or harsh summer sun, your lips can really take a beating. Our honey and vanilla chapstick is designed to be a long lasting protectant and a therapeutic remedy for whatever the elements throw your way. Put on a quick swipe before you leave the house to prevent a cracked smile and visibly silky skin.