Reusable Makeup Remover Pads – 18 Pcs Organic


Best Design for All Skin: These reusable cotton pads includes 4 scrubs makeup remover pads and 14 soft makeup remover pads. The scrub cotton pads is ideal for cleaning stubborn products and exfoliating. The soft cotton rounds is ideal for sensitive areas such as the eyes. The unique “plug pocket” bamboo pads design will make your use more comfortable and convenient.
Natural & Eco-Friedly: These makeup remover pads are made of special fabric bamboo which is very suitable for sensitive skin and deeply clean face and eyes, remove makeup, creams and dirt. It a great gift ideal for women, men and babies.
Easy to Use: Simply adding warm water or makeup remover to wet the pad then gently moving makeup pads in a circular motion and flipping the cloth over until all makeup is removed, it will let your face Instantly feel fresh.

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