Skylab Beauty Premium Blotting Sponge Compact for Refreshing


PREMIUM BLOTTING SPONGE – Give fingertips, Blotting paper or blotting sheets a break. Skylab Beauty -friendly, cruelty-free, and SOFT makeup blotting sponge is finally here to absorb excess sebum on the face, leaving skin feeling refreshed. Unlike traditional blotting papers, these can be used minimally (or A LOT) without waste. Sponges can also be used to apply foundation and makeup
BEAUTY MAKEUP CORRECTOR/APPLICATOR – Skylab Beauty cruelty-free, and SOFT sponge also work as a make-up corrector/applicator; this will help to score a flawless blend. Never again will you miss a spot or have an uneven jawline. With this beauty sponge, providing professional, EVEN COVERAGE, is fun and easy. Your face has never looked so airbrushed. It comes with a Compact mirror case, with two sponges. Sponges are washable
Comes with SPECIAL COMPACT MIRROR CASE AND TWO SPONGES – Suitable for any skin type, Sponges are a perfect size, made to last, and goes back to original size/shape after you wash and allow it to dry. You can use it – DRY – and it pairs best with liquid cosmetics to ensure zero awkward shadows, remove shine and bare areas. Designed for beginners and professionals at any age to HELP OPTIMIZE ANY BEAUTY ROUTINE with a blender sponge that is easy to clean and maintain