TANUMI Reusable Makeup Remover Cotton Pads | 12 Reusable


🌲Suits Your Style🌲 – 12 Pads in 2 designs, one for facial makeup, one for getting into the corners around your eye. Come in 3 colors, organize them by days of the week, time of day or have it your way.
🌱Live by design, not by default🌱 – Our Eco-Friendly Reusable Cotton Rounds lets you take back control and avoid generating waste with single-use makeup remover round face cloths. When reducing your carbon footprint, every pad matters.
☘Life Saver☘ – After a long day or night shift at work or an all-nighter before finals, the last thing you want before jumping into bed is to spend 20 minutes removing makeup, get squeaky clean in seconds with TANUMI.

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