5 Important Differences: Regular Tint Vs Henna Eyebrows


Are your brow hairs sparse to nonexistent? Have you thought about coloring your brow hair if it’s too light but you still want it to look natural? Or would you rather skip fixing your brows but still seem like you have makeup on? Henna brows and regular tint are the newest eyebrow beauty trends to help you get the brows of your dreams. Eyebrows with more character are the focus.

Every woman wants her brows to be the perfect shape and color, therefore choosing the best brow treatment will take some thought as we are all hoping for the best result. If you’re unsure of which option to choose for your brows, you should know the difference between henna and brow tinting.

The Technique of Regular Eyebrow Tint

With brow tinting, your brows get immediately stained. Your brows appear larger when the fine, light hair darkens. resulting in eyebrow hair that is thicker and more prominent. Usually, while getting your brows or eyelashes colored, tinting comes to mind. 

  • The eyebrow tint is made with vegetable pigment and a peroxide activator, which may not be completely safe to use on the skin or so close to the eyes. 
  • Two to three weeks are how long the hair color lasts. 
  • Usually, coloring lashes give the impression that they are longer, thicker, and darker. This is also a fantastic option if you don’t wear much makeup and only want to add a little bit of color to your brows.
  • It colors brow hair but not the skin under it.
  • Chemically inclined, brow tinting is a safe solution but surely not natural.

If you have a hectic schedule and need a quick and non-committal brow treatment, brow tinting is your best option. If you only needed to color your brow hair and didn’t have much time to spend at the salon, it is helpful. This strategy is also cost-effective.

The Henna Tinting Process

Although henna tinting is still a relatively new service, demand is growing quickly. This creates a shadow or a sense of depth and fullness to visually fill in any empty places. This can be achieved by Mina Eyebrow Henna.

  • Eyebrow henna tinting is suitable for persons who have slightly sparse brows since it colors the skin below the brow as well, giving the impression that the brow is powdered.
  • Furthermore, it keeps working longer than a regular eyebrow tint. The henna color makes your brows appear bigger and can last in your hair and on your skin for up to six weeks.
  • No type of peroxide is necessary for henna to activate. 
  • Brow henna is free of ammonia, lead, and peroxide, and the body naturally absorbs fewer harmful substances. 
  • The cutting-edge formula promotes brow renewal and hair strength. Actually, henna is activated by combining it with distilled water, bringing out the colors of the plant. Henna enters the follicle and colors the skin, thus it lasts longer on the brows than tinting does.
  • It tarnishes the skin for one to two weeks and the eyebrow hair for six to eight weeks. The brows appear fuller and more defined as a result!
  • Finally, all of the components used to make eyebrow henna color come from plants. 

Unlike body/skin henna, it is different.

– Henna brows make you look more defined, and the brow color can last up to six weeks while the skin stain lasts up to a week. Henna eyebrow color is not suitable for everyone because it heavily depends on your skin tone and hair color.

– Brown women with oily skin may use brow henna for longer-lasting color.

– Ordinary brow tint may be preferred over henna brow color by women with dry skin, cooler hair colors, and ashy blonde hair because the latter could make your brow color appear overly heated or leave dark blotches on your skin.

– On ladies with combination, normal/dry skin types, redheads, and warm blondes, both the basic brow tint and the henna brow color would look good.


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