How Many Video Likes Do I Need To Rank My Youtube video?

How Many Video Likes Do I Need To Rank My Youtube video?

What factors do you consider when you open YouTube and choose what to watch? According to a survey, there are a lot of factors that determine it. People frequently open the app with a specific video in mind and know what they want to watch. Sometimes they just scroll through their homepage and watch whatever is suggested. The majority of the time, users are drawn to watching videos on trending pages. The trending page is crucial for uploaders who want to boost their YouTube views and watch time. 

How, then, do videos on YouTube get ranked, and how do they progressively move up the ranks while supporting other videos? They are actually influenced by a variety of factors, one of which is how many people like the video, which brings us to the question that we are going to answer in this article. You’ve come to the right place if you’re also curious about the relationship between a video’s popularity and the number of likes it receives. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Before we get into the meat of the matter, let us first define and explain the terms we’ll be using. The first is the number of YouTube views.

Youtube Likes

Like other social media platforms, YouTube videos place a high value on engagement. From the perspective of both the audience and the YouTube search algorithm, likes, shares, and comments are crucial engagement metrics. Channels with a high level of user engagement receive more attention. They receive more views as a result of their increased visibility, which increases their notoriety and financial standing. The likes of the videos are just as crucial to the YouTube algorithm as the comments on them. Users can express their liking for your video by clicking the “like” button on YouTube, which counts as an engagement metric. 

Youtube Ranking

The ranking of the video is determined by all the factors present on YouTube. I.e., likes, comments, shares, watched hours, etc. The more attention your video receives in all these regions, the more popular it will become and the higher it will climb on the trending page. The trending page has videos from all the categories collectively as well as separately. The categories that are most famous are music, comedy, games, dance, and tv shows. This section mainly contains the recently released video, which gathered a lot of viewers and admirers, but a lot of other month-old videos are also found here. 

If your video manages to get on this particular page, it will attract a lot more viewers than it previously did. Simple enough, the more viewers your video has, the more revenue you will generate from YouTube.

Video Likes and Its Ranking

The popularity of your YouTube video within your niche is indicated by the number of likes. Because of this, a lot of YouTubers work hard to increase the number of likes on their videos in order to make them even more distinctive. However, since viewers are frequently eager to move on to the next video or something else that interests them, it has become more difficult for YouTubers to receive likes on the platform.

The most popular videos on YouTube appear at the top of the search results thanks to the YouTube algorithm. The more views a YouTuber receives, the more money they can make from advertising. When you like someone’s video, it gets more views. Your channel’s playlist is automatically updated when you like a YouTube video. Additionally, everyone who follows you will see that video in their feed.

There is no specific number of likes that you need in order for your video to climb the ranks. 

It just needs to be balanced with respect to the number of views it receives. A lot of the time, people buy 2.5K YouTube likes, which might disrupt this ratio. So make sure things do not look suspicious.

The Best Ways To Increase YouTube Likes

  • Promote the videos on your channel across all social media platforms to reach a larger audience.
  • Put a catchy title on your video to attract viewers.
  • Additionally crucial is having a unique and appealing thumbnail.
  • For your video to be seen by more people, be sure to include relevant, significant hashtags and tags.
  • Take advantage of the valuable information provided by YouTube analytics to understand your target audience better.
  • Engage viewers in conversation and ask them to participate.
  • When viewers interact with your videos by leaving comments and questions, please don’t ignore them.


As we saw, the more engagements your video receives, the more popular it will become, and the more people will watch it. As a result, it will increase your watch hours and help you earn more money from YouTube. So make sure to follow the tips to get more likes on your video and help it reach trending and recommendation pages.


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