How to Draw A Knight Easily

Draw A Knight

How to Draw A Knight. Knights were among the most respected people in the Middle Ages. These warriors were high-ranking nobles and would risk their lives to defend their king.

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Their iconic and distinctive armor also makes them a popular subject for drawing. Their distinctive design can make learning to draw a knight difficult!

However, it’s a lot easier once you know what to do, and this guide aims to do just that!

How to Draw A Knight

Step 1

We’ll start with your knight’s helmet in the first step of this guide to drawing a knight.

The helmet is long and slightly rounded, and the eyehole on the visor is in the shape of a short T.

Once these aspects are drawn, you can use curved lines to add the ponytail from the top of the helmet. That’s all there is to this step; you’re good to go!

Step 2

Now that the helm is drawn let’s focus on the breastplate for this part of the knight drawing.

First, the plate shoulder guards can use some rounded oval shapes.

Once you’ve done that, you can use some slightly curved lines coming down from the shoulder pads to form the chest piece of the armor.

At the bottom of the chest, two lines protrude outwards, connected by a curved line below.

Step 3

If you read the title of this passage and think, “What is a Fauld?” So don’t worry; we will answer that in this step of our how to draw a knight guide.

Faulds is the armor that extends below the breastplate and across the hips.

You can draw them with straight lines running down the sides of the plate. Then they will form an opening near the center.

Finally, you can draw two lines near the top of the breastplate.

Step 4

The armor consisted of many connectors to allow mobility, and we will follow this practice for this part of the knight design.

The legs comprise several parts, as you can see in the reference image. First, two straight lines go down the Faulds for each leg.

The next piece will be for the knee joints, rounded off at the bottom with a pointed tip.

Finally, the shins and calves go below the knees, thickest at the top and thin out at the bottom.

Step 5

For this part of our guide to drawing a knight, we’ll first add feet to the lower legs. These are rounded at the top and thinner towards the pointed ends.

Once drawn, you can draw the arms. For the left arm, we can use two curved lines for the biceps.

The gloved hand connects directly to this part, as the photo shows. On the right are two more curved lines for the biceps on this arm.

Step 6

Your knight drawing looks very cool and impressive! We will make this step look even cooler with some gear.

The shield connects to the arm on the right and has a flat top that curves down to one side at one point.

The spear goes into the left hand. It has a pointed triangular shape at the top, and the handle is drawn with two straight lines.

Step 7

Before proceeding to the final step, your driver will need more details. You can draw a few lines on the shield and add smaller ones all over the armor to add detail.

You could add some battle damage, a crest on your shield, or draw a fun background for ideas on personalizing this image!

Step 8

You have reached the last step of this tutorial on drawing a knight, now have fun coloring!

We used gray for the metal parts, brown for the leather parts, and then incorporated some red for a pop of color.

However, this is only one possibility, and you should use whatever colors you love!

If I were coloring this knight, I would use metal colored pencils and markers to make the armor shiny.

Your Knight Drawing is Finished!



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